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Region: China
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Posted Date: 2022-10-07
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Detailed Description
 Customers often ask questions and freight when they go to Shenzhen International Express
1. American international express as low as 54 / kg
2. American air dispatch: as low as 30 / kg
3. American Shanghai Style: as low as 13 / kg
4. The time limit of Mason is as low as 20 / kg
5. European air dispatch as low as 25 / kg
6. European Railway as low as 15 / kg
7. Southeast Asia air dispatch as low as 23 / kg
8. Dubai air dispatch as low as 44 / kg
9. Oman tax inclusive line as low as 55 / kg
10. Bahrain Shuangqing special line as low as 73 / kg
11. Qatar tax inclusive special line as low as 85 / kg
The company can receive large goods brand imitation brand liquid cosmetics adult products tea sensitive goods. At present, many channels offer special prices!!!!!!! If necessary, please talk about the same number of 15920098474 wechat!  
Q: is the weight of Shenzhen International Express subject to the weight of domestic express?
A: No, domestic express delivery mostly depends on the actual weight of the goods, while international express delivery weight is calculated based on the comparison between the actual weight and volume, whichever is greater. (volume weight calculation length * width * height / 5000, length, width and height does not refer to the edge, but the most convex point of the packing box).
Q: what is the difference between Shenzhen International Express} and international air transport services?
A: the same point between express and air transportation is that they are mainly transferred by air. Except for different prices, the main difference is that air transportation only delivers goods to the destination airport, and is not responsible for customs clearance and delivery. The recipient needs to ask the customs clearance company to clear and pick up the goods by himself. Express delivery refers to the delivery provided by the express company to the recipient's address, and
For cargo customs clearance services, we usually recommend express delivery, and express delivery will have more advantages in many countries.
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